Vino in Ore

“Vino in Ore” is
:: the experience that trains the senses
:: the rediscovery of smell and taste

:: a window that opens to emotions

Vino in Ore 

The name of my last project is like a play on words: Vino in Ore, Colore, Sentore, Sapore e Amore means Wine in Hours, Color, Smell, Taste and Love.

The idea is to create a training moment that is open to learning and fun, in a hedonistic way. It does not mean that what is communicated is done lightly or incompetently. It means that sensory analysis (or at least the basic concepts) can be transformed into a moment suitable for all noses and all palates.

Vino in Ore is a new format to approach the world of wine and food and wine (but not only) in a simple way, using the senses and experience.

The senses, in particular taste and smell and taste-olfactory memory, are almost forgotten and today we almost always rely on a communication that creates perceptions and expectations, without training and that does not allow to discover sensations in a unique and personal way.

Vino in Ore involved the participants with personal and direct practice, to discover and train the taste-olfactory memory, in a simple and effective way.

Would you like to know more? Contact me and I will explain the project, the conduct, the places and all the details.

I look forward to hear from you, Gaia

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