WineThe idea to join and share our passion for wine and our love for the territory, not only of Valpolicella, with enthusiasts, wine lovers, sommeliers, experts and amateurs, curious, those with an interest in wine and its world. CountryA journey through the hills, strolling the vineyards and country roads, hidden corners, cellars, Nature, away from mass tourism and with no planned route. FoodThe experience of taste and smell, which are involved in all our activities, from Good Drinking to Eat Healthy. We spend our energy to the senses of taste and smell, to share them and to communicate and discover them. LifestyleA way of living in search of well-being, in a simple, friendly, sustainable way. A panorama, a dinner, a toast, a hug. Education and CultureA continuous learning, training and information, exchange of ideas and views, projects and study.