About us

The project of Incontri diVini was born in 2006: the idea was, and is, to share our passion for wine, especially in our area, Valpolicella, but not only. The name and logo chosen (and registered) are deliberately banal, simple, essential: Incontri diVini are meetings (usual meals) where we meet and talk about wine – diVini means “of wine” but also “divine understood as enjoyable” (ie that everyone likes and that can be shared) always within the context of food and wine, the Good Eating & Drinking and Good Living.
Incontri diVini lives thanks to our own strength, with our desire to share, with our passion for the wine regions and the wine.

Incontri diVini promotes and supports Good Drinking, Moderate Drinking and Responsible Drinking

Gaia and Riccardo
We met in a winery, drinking a glass of Amarone. In 2011 we joined our passion of good drinking and eating, for good living, sharing “Incontri diVini” ideas, but above all … got married. We live in Valpolicella, obviously.

Gaia Castellani and Riccardo Guardini