Gran Inizio 2015: a verticale blind Tasting of Amarone

February 21st, 2015 – Saturday – at 12.30
Verticale Tasting of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 

Incontri diVini with PierPaolo Antolini
at Locanda 800 – Moron di Negrar (Vr)

1: Amarone x 1: producer
2: styles x 4: different vintages
2: wines with lunch x 5: dishes
9: glasses on the table  x n. emotions and sensations
Gran Inizio 2015 : Incontri diVini (pdf Gran Inizio 2015)

It’s not a complex mathematical formula or the next draw of the lot, but the result of the first tasting of the year with Incontri diVini.

The participation fee is € 65.00 and includes the whole program (lunch and vertical tasting of Amarone).
Those who know us will be surprised to see that the cost has remained unchanged since 2011.

Limited seats. Reservations with payment of the fee within 7 February 2015.
Info: Gaia – Riccardo
mobile 340.1480.119

Incontri diVini promotes and support Good, Responsibly and Moderation Wine Drinking.