About our new Web Site

Dear All, Friends and WineLovers,
few days ago Incontri diVini we site has been updated with a new look.

What’s new?
:: Eye-catching graphic and design
:: one home-page news, that we will change periodically
:: a new section for our blog that joins news, interesting facts, events that we want to share, in one single page (wine, food, country, lifestyle)
:: pages more linear and understandable
:: pictures that tell more closely our experience
:: compatibility with all devices, so you can finally follow us directly from your tablet or smartphone
:: all our Social Media in home-page.

Our desire to update our website, which before was still functional, was born from our need to be up with the times (i.e. compatibility with all devices), to give little and basic information, but clear and concise ( i.e. we often overloaded with information from the Media melting pot), to be closer to those follow us from foreign Countries (i.e website in English), to speak about our Wine Region and more (Valpolicella), to tell you about our activities and experiences. At last but not least, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Istangram, Pinterest, Linkedin) that will link on our direct pages.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this little (big for us) change, supported by our own efforts, born from our desire to share with You All the Great Passion for the Good Drink, Good Eating, Good Living.

Thank you all and enjoy the reading.
Gaia and Riccardo